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US Caterham revised ordering

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  • US Caterham revised ordering

    They changed everything around in the order process. Dang, I had a spreadsheet created in Excel with all the options listed and everything. Oh well.

    ...and yes, prices have been increased, but I've been expecting that for some time now.

    - Sean

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    That's the 1st change to their website in at least 4 or 5 years.

    I see that they now offer "higher horsepower custom-built Duratecs". Welcome to the party USC. Better late than never I suppose.

    Edited to add: The lineup of cars is very different. Just the Classic and 2 Fat Bastard cars on offer.

    Plus the SCCA rig. I bet they'll sell a ton of those...
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      I remember driving mine through Denver on my way down here. I stopped at the shop to get some wiper blades (ha). Toured the very small shop they have; it was loaded with Superlight 'R's and more carbon fiber this side of F1. They must have had a dozen sitting there is different states of mod. Outside a few owners happened to be in the neighbourhood and dropped by to do a little bench racing and tell us which roads to take out of town. That's a whole other story.