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Useful stuff at Harborfreight on Sale

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  • Useful stuff at Harborfreight on Sale

    I went to Harborfreight today to replace my broken racing jack. I found they have the long frame aluminum model (17.75" max.) right now on sale for $119 (normally $169 in-store). I also have their small jack (14.75" max. @ $69) but found the additional 3 inches lift make a big difference.

    While snooping around I also found (and bought) a high volume 12V compressor for $49. Comes with spiral hose, filler nozzle, battery post clips and molded case. Unlike the cheapo trash that you normally get for 12V operation this one appears to be pretty sturdy. It pumped the tire pressure on my Hyundai from 25 psi to 32 psi in a few seconds. Looks like it might be useful for track days.


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    Against my better judgement, I gave them my email address several months ago. I'm glad I did now as I usually get a "20% off any item" coupon once a week, and of course a list of their specials like those Gert mentioned above.