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  • Sting or Stone?

    Strange thing happened to my wife after we left the group on the last montain trip with Clark (see also his post in the Event section):

    While still driving on Hwy 18 she had her elbow out of the right hand side cockpit wall and suddenly noticed a sharp pain that persisted (unlike a "normal" rock impact). We stoppend and looked but there was only a barely visible red spot on the elbow surrounded by a white area. The whole arm kept hurting badly for more than a day.
    We still don't know what is was but suspect that some insect smacked against her arm and avenged its death by a final bite. Or maybe a flying rock that happened to hit exactly the funny nerve on the elbow.

    Anyway, it's gone now but I suspect she is going to wear a long sleeved shirt for the next blat.


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    Insect & other Unknown Encounters

    It's not entirely unusual to encounter stinging and biting insects while out on the road. As a cyclist, I've had two occasions where bees got inside my jersey, inevitably stinging me in the armpit! OUCH!! And it's happened to others as well. Every sport has its specific hazards, and your wife just discovered one inherent to motoring along in a Seven. Glad to here she's come through the experience okay, and again, thanks for participating in our Fall Mountain Drive! Great to see you and your Seven in action; looking good too.