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  • Going into the DMV

    I'm heading in on Thursday to "feel" out my options at the DMV with my 7 situation. I'm going to maybe just lay my cards on the table and see what they say in regards to my SB100 eligibility.Any thoughts?

    Nice body kit
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    Remind me (us) again of your situation please.

    As mentioned, the Cert. of Origin is very important, as are sales receipts for the engine & trans & kit. If you can provide those you have a chance. Otherwise I think it may be difficult.

    Btw, someone told me that the SB100 legislation is changing such that a person can get 1 number and 1 number only. Iow, once you've been allocated a number for *any* year (after the changed legislation is in place) you'll never be able to get another for the rest of your life.
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      Originally posted by moosetestbestanden
      Btw, someone told me that the SB100 legislation is changing such that a person can get 1 number and 1 number only. Iow, once you've been allocated a number for *any* year (after the changed legislation is in place) you'll never be able to get another for the rest of your life.
      Interesting to think of consequences of this rule. Since I bought each of my two Birkins used, the original builders couldn't get another number but I still could? If I couldn't get another number, I guess my wife could, then my daughter, then each of my four cats....


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        I have owned my car since '93. I don't have my receipts for the engine, car etc. I have some receipts for repairs and modifications over the years. I also have my ownership from Canada and registration there. I have a Cert. of Origin coming from Caterham on their letterhead.


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          Do you have your appointment for Jan 3rd at the DMV?

          If not, you'll just have to show up. I just read a post from a Cobra builder site. The DMV will make an appointment 30 days out. He applied for his at the stroke of midnight 30 days in advance and is third in line at his local DMV at 9:00 AM.

          Others offices may be different. You can pick a DMV in some out of the way place and maybe get an early appointment.

          You want to use SB1578 not SB100. This still uses one of the numbers.

          Good luck



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            SB100 one number only?


            I looked up the California pending or recenlty passed legislation pertaining to Specially Constructed Vehicles.

            The only 'one time' referrence I could find is in SB953 section 1680 (4). This is offering a, one time and one time only, amnesty to the people that registered their cars using one of the out of state registration 'services' that were busted a while back.

            If I understood the text correctly, they get to register as if they are under SB100 or SB1578.

            It was not clear to me if they use up one of the 500 numbers. I don't think they do but I didn't study it that close.

            Because I didn't find any other reference to the restriction, doesn't mean someone hasn't proposed it. I just didn't find any reference to it in any of the AB or SB bills passed or pending.

            Not really that hard to search for as it's all online in a searchable format.

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              I just checked my local DMV here in Victorville, and all appts for Jan 3 are taken, so I checked Barstow and they still have 8:00 am appts for that date. Might be worth the drive? Sounds like the numbers may all be gone the first day again this year!


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                Can I not just get there real early and stand at the door when they open?
                Maybe I'll just play the dumb Canuck and throw myself on the mercy of the DMV.
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                  What the hell does this mean?

                  "As of January 4, 2005,
                  All 500 sequence certificates have been assigned.
                  No additional sequence certificates will be available until January 2006"



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                    I just booked 8.40 AM on the 3rd in Torrence.


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                      Suggest you still get there early.

                      My limited experience with the DMV is that they take appointments first but take walk ins on a first come first serve basis.

                      If you come early they may take you on that basis, or bump you ahead of the walk in crowd because you have an appointment. Regardless of what time it is.

                      You should still visit the DMV and get all the paperwork in order this year. All you need to get on the 3rd is your number. When I did it they had to call Sacramento. See the DMV website, I believe it tells you what you need.



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                        So I went today. What a crazy zoo. Waited for about 45 minutes till my appointment came due. I was then helped by someone who looked and talked like Mrs. Swan's sister (from Mad TV). I also spoke with a manager who felt that they were going to have to increase the 500 further because of the response(?). He also heard about the one per person rule and said that was probably going to come around because of shady builders building cars that were "not up to code". All in all it was a good trip. I'm glad I went early; all I wanted to do was figure out what order I was to do things in and instead they started the process. My car is now reported as a 1972 Lotus and I have been assigned a license number.
                        These are the next steps that they printed out right on DMV paper.

                        1. Verification of vehicle identification number by a peace officer, an authorized employee of the department of motor vehicles or a licensed vehicle verifier.

                        2. EPA/DOT

                        3. US Customs Forms 7501, 3461, 6059, or 3311 Stamped or endorsed "cleared" by US customs are acceptable.

                        It was a little confusing. I thought I was supposed to go to the Customs next, but I guess I will call the CHP and ask them what they need next. She also gave me a one day permit which I didn't think I was going to get since the car has never been registered in the US yet.


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                          I'm basically in the same situation as you. I've had my car since '93 and would like to get a "legit" registration. I'm reading this thread with a great deal of interest.

                          I'm curious about steps 2 and 3. Is EPA/DOT simply filling out paperwork, or does the inspection in step 1 fulfill this. Regarding the Cusotms forms, how does one get these cleard by Customs? Do they give further guidance?


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                            I'm registered under SB 100. The CHP just verifies the VIN # and sent me out of the room while they did something (probably affixed a double secret # of their own somewhere under the car). Just make an apptmnt and have them complete the form or stamp it, can't recall exactly what they did on the paperwork.

                            There was no real EPA/DOT inspection. I had to visit a referee at a local juco who videotaped the car from back to front and checked the emissions for the state's database. At that time I elected to register the car by the chassis and provided pictures and road tests from 1960 to illustrate that my car was a replica of a Lotus 7 (If anyone wants copies of the old road tests for the registration process I can send them). NEVER try to register the car by the motor or you will have to meet emissioon regs for the year in which the block was manufactured!!!I would have failed if I had not chosen to register the car by chassis. The car is viewed as a 1960 Lotus replica on the sticker provided by the state.

                            I was also required to have a headlights and blinker/brake light check at an CA approved inspection shop.

                            Customs did not apply to my registration.

                            During the process I never took my car to the DMV and after more than three years they have still never seen the car.


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                              Big day

                              Tomorrow's the big day. I grabbed my car from storage; started first turn (thanks Doug), brought it home swapped tires, checked the fluids and gave it a once over. So I'm pretty much ready for the DMV tomorrow morning. I was planning on being there for 6 AM since it opens for 8AM. I also have an appointment for 9:40 AM as a backup. Am I underestimating the line potential?