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Way OT - great golfing experience yesterday

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  • Way OT - great golfing experience yesterday

    I had the good fortune to be able to play golf at Cypress Point Club yesterday. I'm not what anyone would call a serious golfer, but it still bordered on being a "religious experience". Without the golf course, the land would be awe-inspiring all by itself. If it were anywhere else, the golf course would still be a masterpiece of the evil-genius of golf course architect Alistair MacKenzie. Together, the course and land are simply beyond verbal description. If you ever get the chance to play there, even if you are not a "golfer", do NOT pass on the opportunity.
    - Sean

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    I can only counter with our new kitty we got home today from the shelter, who turned out to be deaf!

    She sleeps soundly when you enter the room and is startled when you touch her. Clap your hands behind her, not a twitch from the ears.

    I'll book a time with the vet to see what is going on. All the web sites say that it is not a major issue and that cats cope well with deafness.

    If nothing else, she may very well be the perfect Caterham passenger, given the noisy noisy debate raging elsewhere on this site.

    /Magnus F.