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    Despite a number of difficulties we had a great time :!: Attendees with cars were Michael Bedard, Dr. Slomove (Gert), and. myself. Michael's friend Tim also made the trip and lent an excellent set of helping hands to any of us in need over the weekend. Hopefully we can convert him to being a 7 owner one of these days. Jon Stokes(a future owner) and his nephew Chris also came on saturday. Jon provided wine fro his personal cellar and fine stogies from the humidor trackside upon the close of the days festivities. Mr. Bedard also recommended an excellent restaurant nearby which those of you with planes and helicopters should check out ASAP. Yes, there is a private runway just outside the dining area. Streets is an excellent track for a 7 with some interesting corners. If you haven't run the course I recommend some passenger laps with Michael who knows the track very well and imparts all that knowledge. It's also a treat to ride with so skilled a pilot of 7s :!: I'd also like to thank Michael and Tim for all the mechanical and logistical assistance they so generously took the time to provide! This looks like the beginning of a community of 7 owners dedicated to having fun on the track and helping each other have that 7 experience. Gert has some "on track" footage which we may post---not sure yet; and Tim has some digital stills which should also appear on this site. Hope to see a few more 7 guys out there in the future. The track is really the BEST place to enjoy your 7 :!: 8)