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    Went to the local Autozone today and found they had re-arranged the floor. So, I asked one of the roaming sales associates where I could find hose clamps. ---Blank stare--- After patiently trying to explain and making sure he understood my German accent we asked another employee. ---Blank stare--- It took a while to get the store manager and finally get pointed to the right spot.

    I would not complain if these folks just did not know to locate some items. But, as employees of an auto parts store they did not even know what a hose clamp is (nor did they seem to be interested to find out). I am sometimes wondering if an IQ higher than 50 automatically disqualifies for such a job. Oh well, enough for this rant :roll:


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    It's really not so bad living in a 3rd world country once you get used to it Gert.

    Don't hit too many potholes on our, um, roads on your long drive!
    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted