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Spotted: Black Seven in Arcadia

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  • Spotted: Black Seven in Arcadia

    I came across a black Seven Saturday at 4pm on Huntington Drive east in Arcadia but on the opposite lanes. It did have a Bonnet bulge/scoop like a Stalker but it was too short to see any detail.

    Anybody knows something?


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    Hi Gert!

    Brent Chun has the only Stalker in S. Calif. and last I heard it was not on the road yet. I should send him an email and see what progress he is making. He lives just east of Pasadena close to 210/605 junction.

    What day are you leaving to join the Tour? As I mentioned on the Birkin forum, it looks like I will be tagging along from Tehachapi all the way to San Francisco with the group, then I'll stay for the NASA event at Infineon. I regret now not signing up for the whole Tour, but of course back then I didn't even own a Seven!



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      The V8 Westfields have a bonnet bulge too, don't they?


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        Yes, might have been a Westy but in that quick moment my impression was that of a smaller car. But who knows.....

        Stan, I am leaving Saturday 17th.
        3 days and 900 miles by myself via Phoenix and Alpine, AZ to Ruidoso, NM. Well, AAA is your friend :roll:

        Guess I see you in Willow Springs on the 1st but I will leave from there to go back home.