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The BIG Trial

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  • The BIG Trial

    Does anyone know if this went out yesterday, as scheduled? Has anyone actually been told when to appear, as in a time to be there? I have been subpoenaed and have heard nothing further. :? :?:

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    The big trial

    I have been contacted by both sides. I got my witness fees as well. I will be appearing Thursday or Friday.


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      I have been contacted by both sides and have received NO witness fees. Since I earlier specified that I would NOT be leaving home unless witness fees were PREpaid, looks like I ain't going. But, I am curious as to what is happenin' there....... :?


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        The big trial

        Things must be going very slowly down there. I have not been called yet to go. My last update said that I would be notified over the weekend the new schedual.
        Rod Swanson


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          Verdict is in

          I just spoke to Jon Nelson regarding a fuel sensor signal issue.

          He informed me that the jury just decided that Auto Course had sustained no damage and that no money is to be paid by Caterham USA/UK.

          That's about it...

          /Magnus F.


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            Apparently the jury found that Caterham breached the agreement and committed fraud; and that Autocourse was not damaged. Please correct this if it is unintentionally incorrect.


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              I have been corrected on the above post. The jury did NOT, repeat NOT, find fraud on the part of Caterham. They found "misrepresentation", and, in their judgement, Autocourse was not damaged by this; hence, no $$$ changed hands. If additional corrections should be made to my posts on this subject please let me know ASAP as I DO want to be correct and factual on this. TIA