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  • Duratec car owners - Cosworth catalogue

    Cosworth recently released a Duratec catalogue, with all kinds of sweet looking stuff. Can one get upgraditus before one gets a Seven? Also, Cosworth has done a major revamp of their web page, if you haven't seen it recently.
    - Sean

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    One of their reps was at the last Streets of Willow event to watch John run in his freshly prepped 2.3. The rep had a price list to hand out. Itch itch.

    The "Power by Cosworth" badge on the back looked great too. Well, sort of. That's the only end of his car I saw while on-track the whole weekend.

    It's definitely on my list of things to do as they offer a turnkey solution by and large and they're Over Here. As opposed to Over There.
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      I've slowly been orbiting the idea of upgrading to a Duratec. This catalog will change that orbit to a death plunge.

      /Magnus F.


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        It's a shame so many of those beatiful parts would only be seen during a rebuild.
        The catalogue used to be online, but I can't find it there now. Just e-mail them.
        - Sean


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          YES!! Upgradeitis can strike before you get your Caterham. It hit me after the car was ordered and before Caterham UK ever started putting the kit pieces into boxes for shipment.

          I blame it all on Blatchat. Those guys continuously fed me with great ideas on how to make my car better. They reeled me in like a fish. Before I knew what I had done to my checking account I'd added a 6 speeder, dry sump, Jenvey TBs, a Pectel ECU, headwork and a light flywheel.

          If I had known that the car was going to cost that much before I ordered , I probably never would have bought the car. Thankfully, using the rationalization that "It will be cheaper to add this stuff now rather than later", I plunged ahead, continuously writing more checks. It cost 25-35% more than I expected at the beginning.

          Most fortuitously, the car turned out great. And I can thank the boys on BC for that!! 8)