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  • Latch it or lose it

    I went out today early with Stan who brought his new Birkin. Nice car :D
    We took the usual route to the ski lift and the the Ridge Road

    All great so far. (video clip) Not even too hot.

    Continuing on the freeway
    the following happened (another video)

    I guess I was careless not closing the latches properly after showing Stan the new engine setup. The bonnet landed between 2 lanes and sat there, still in good shape. However, before the CHP came and shut the Freeway down it was finally run over twice by trucks. Anyway, here is the result:


    and AFTER:

    The positive side was that I could take the bonnet home in the passenger seat :roll:

    What can I say, I think I am extremely lucky that I did not cause a major accident on the crowded freeway. The bonnet can be replaced. Anybody has a bare Birkin ali bonnet left over?

    So, before you go out next time, check the latches :wink:


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    Big BUMMER!!! I noticed mine rattling one day as I started to enter a freeway and quickly pulled over to affix the latches. That could have been my bonnet last year!! :x :(


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      I've almost done this myself. Since then I'll stop and check if I don't remember latching it.

      I also have a new spare in the rafters.

      I don't think it will fit a Birkin.



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        The positive side was that I could take the bonnet home in the passenger seat
        Man ... am I glad then that yet again I was stuck in a hot barn. You would have left me beside the road instead :D

        Sorry to hear this Gert. I got a bare Caterham one at home but I guess that does not help you much. Hope you find one soon though so that you can get going again ...


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          Well, found that one of the Birkin dealers has a new bare ali bonnet with filter cutout in stock. Was not even too bad at $230. Phew! A little polishing and I hope my Seven is as good as new.



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            M. Bedard suggests that you can get some big bucks for it now that it's a piece of art instead of a bonnet.

            At least you can mount it on the wall.



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              M. Bedard makes an excellent point. You should put it on ebay. The right ad will probably net you more than you spent on the new bonnet :wink:

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