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Caterham CSR pricing

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  • Caterham CSR pricing

    A well known source has indicated the the price for the basic CSR kit is around $44K. Add $1890 for weather gear and $20K for the 260HP motor and necessary 6 speed and you're @ $66K. Then add duty and shipping.

    Any comments?? 8)

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    Maybe the basic kit with a Busa engine . Maybe Dave G can take some measurements and build one up for a little cheaper?


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      On the one hand, I think $66k is a bargain for a car that offers such extreme performance, but on the other, that's an awful lot of money to spend on something that doesn't even come with power windows or a stereo :wink:

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        It's the utter lack of cupholders, a vanity mirror and a glove compartment that I find appalling.


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          I'd just like the chassis, I'm not really sold on that horrible interior.


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            Seems like a hefty price jump "up market" from the current US flagship Superlight.

            Anybody know why Caterham UK isn't offering the 260 Duratec in a Superlight chassis as the top performance model? Would seem like the obvious way to avoid the latest Autocar result where the CSR tested slower 0-100-0 than the R500.


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              For some years it has seemed to me that the principal barrier to more enthusiasts buying Caterhams (or any type of 7) has been the price, perhaps coupled with some concept of perceived value. Pretty much regardless of the higher levels of peformance offered.

              On many occasions I have tried to promote the cars to onlookers @ autoX events and the response is basically "Goodbye" when you mention what used 7s cost; never mind new cars.

              Caterhams tend to trade at premium prices IMO; although my experience on track does not convince me that they are any faster than well driven Birkins, Westfields etc.

              This plan to sell the CSR for $66K is a real shocker!! I'm very curious to see if raising the price about $20K will move more cars. No doubt the present exchange rate accounts for some of the delta. And the content derived from the engineered improvements must be charged to the buyers.

              By all reports the CSR is a significantly better car, though I do want to drive one to re-assure myself that the essence of 7 has not been lost.

              The CSR with tax, duty and shipping added is now encroaching on Porsche 911 price territory. Or at least a ridiculously optioned Boxster S. We know that Caterham (all 7) buyers ain't like "them", or hardly any one else. So the question is: "Will this much higher priced CSR attract a new type of buyer, or reduce the number of 7s sold in the USA??"

              It's gonna be very interesting to watch this develop! 8)


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                When I was looking for a Seven, I test drove and liked the Caterham. But, with limited disposable income I opted for more bang for the buck and got a Birkin. Did not know much about the detail differences back then, but looking back I consider it a very good choice.

                Anyway, with this recent Caterham price hike there will be less people joining the Sevens fraternity for financial reasons. But, beyond that, this CSR is IMO borderline of being a Lotus Seven lookalike and rather going a direction like Westfield, Stalker or WCM (all pretty nice cars and much less money than a CSR). How does Caterham want to defend the heritage/brand based premium if the car does not even look much like the original?

                Not sure about the future of Birkin either. No official US agent (as far as I know), no web site for a year....and the much anticipated IRS model is only selling in Australia...

                I may be stubborn but I always wanted to buy a Lotus Seven (or something that is very close). I am not sure if I could do that in a few years from now unless I buy something classic (a.k.a. old) :cry:

                I hope my Birkin holds up until I am too old to care :roll:


                P.S.: On the other hand, would the world notice if there is no Lotus Seven clone anymore. Hell no!


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                  Hi Gert, you stated that Birkin has no US agent, but that isn't so. Dennis Tobin in Chicago is still the Birkin importer. I believe he has had some health problems of late so he hasn't been very active but he is still in the business AFAIK.

                  Bernie Long
                  Keller, TX
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                    There's a thought - I wonder how much less a Birkin with IRS and a Duratec engine would cost than the CSR (if this Birkin were ever produced, of course)?