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  • Blatchat

    I got this after sending a query to Blatchat.
    Its آ£37.50 to join.

    For reasons of accountability, since the beginning of May Blatchat has been
    restricted to posting by Lotus Seven Club members only. Non-members are
    still able to use the search facility, and can also use the email function
    to contact sellers.

    If you are not a Club member, unfortunately you won't be able to post, for
    which I apologise. If you would like to join the club, in order to enjoy
    benefits such as Low Flying (a fabulous monthly magazine) and Blatchat you
    can find a form at :

    Best Wishes


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    This is unfortunate...but a sad fact of our litigous society. :(

    I have been a member for a few years. Blatchat is one of the primary reasons I decided to become a member. We'll see how it fares now that it is a "limited" resource...

    For folks that don't want to pay the fee there are other forums that are free of charge:

    Seven Torque

    and se7ens mailing lists here:
    Email list dedicated to the discussion of Lotus 7 'style' cars


    Tom "ELV15" Jones


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      Well, it is unfortunate but they own it and make the rules. I was a free-rider for a few years and appreciated the facility but being closed out now I don't shed many tears.

      Severntorque is still much smaller in numbers but the quality of technical contributions is getting there. IMO a lot of the Blatchat questions are kind of numpty and repetitive nowadays.



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        A while back JohnC suggested that I troll the Westy UK boards as the zetec is much more widely used in those cars. Great advice as a zetec resource and they will allow infidels to post questions. 8)


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          kind of numpty
          "Numpty"? From a German? Have you gone mad?
          A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted