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Caliente to Bodfish?

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  • Caliente to Bodfish?

    Has anyone driven this road? Here's the details:

    The road runs from about Tehachapi to Lake Isabella. I was on a drive with my Birkin last Saturday and ended up in Tehachapi for lunch at the gliderport. One of the guys there mentioned that he frequents this road on his motorcycle and thought it would be a great Se7ens drive (curvy, empty, and not patrolled). The only negative I can see is the occassional stray cow in the road! :shock:

    I might try it soon before the weather gets too hot.


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    Nope, have not been there but looks interesting. Just a little far for a quick Sunday morning blat.

    If I let my phantasy run wild: might be a part of a good 2-day weekend desert trip, e.g. drive up via Angeles Forest, to the Poppy Reserve, through Antelope Valley, to the windmills, that Caliente Bodfish Road, Lake Isabella, stay in Kernville. Next day to Hwy395, Red Rock-Randsburg Road, Randsburg , Hoffman Road direction Barstow, National Trails/Route66 and back home via Angeles Crest (if open) or I15.

    Total 425 miles, not too bad for 2 days.

    Not sure if I want to do something like that soon after the USA2005 tour but maybe later this fall, hmmm, why not?



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      This might be a fun route for Ameriblat 2005 to meander to Cambria. Or a 3 day WS weekend incorporating a RoadBlat!(?)!


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        Originally posted by Roll a 7
        This might be a fun route for Ameriblat 2005 to meander to Cambria....
        Well, good idea Brad. But about as promising as trying to turn the Exxon Valdez on a dime. There are a few individuals over there in the UK working on the route and the tourbook in their spare time and they have limited opportunity to weigh all potential options.

        Anyway the other alternative might be a possibility, at least if Willow Springs is only a one day track event.