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New Battery is in

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  • New Battery is in

    Well the new Odyssey 680 is in and mounted. Took out the old heater box, blanked it off with a plate of aluminum and mounted the battery in its place. Started right up. Ya.
    Much thanks again to Doug for all his help and Michael for the use of his trailer.
    Next week I'll go get a temp permit and drive it down to Redondo.

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    Very nice! Did that save you about 25 or so pounds? I have one also, but no in a different car, and it saved me about that...


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      That was me above "guest." Sort of strange how this site lets one post without be logged-in...


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        When it was in the old location, under the carbs and impossible to reach, I definitely had a lower center of gravity. Now I have a smaller battery, no heater box and its mounted up high, probably about the same.