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  • Just saying hi!

    I'm new to the area of CA, PRNDL(Prunedale) to be specific and just wanted to say hi. Looking for AX and Laguna track days. Ride is a Superlight Zetec. Here from Iowa Wisconsin area. Stable includes three arabians, a Z3, and a MR2 Spyder. Not counting the Rav4.

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    Say Hi to Michael Murphy

    You might want to email Michael Murphy. He recently moved from Southern California to the Bay Area and is looking for other Seven owners to terrorize the streets with.

    Also Joe Hawkins in Alameda.

    Sign up with the list. The price is right.



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      Tell us more about your 7. Color, age, HP, trans, where you bought it, etc. Then come out to play with us (BW?)!!


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        My 7

        My obsession is a 1998 Superlight, just carbon fiber and aluminum with panasport 13x6. Very unworthy tires I might add, hope to have Yoko A032's someday, hopefully with 13x7 on the rear. The engine is 2L Zetec from a "95" Contour, stock ECU, single throttle body, mild cams with adjustable pulleys. 5 Speed trans. The bonnet has a black checker board look to it, reason being it was wrinkled in a mishap with a deer in Iowa and it breaks up the damaged look of the straightened hood. Wish the nose cone was as easy to dress up, but it was cracked in several places. HP is estimated at 180. The dash is labeled as number 51 made.

        I can't go anyplace with it without getting a thumbups, smiles and questions. Especially in Salinas, where I am lower than most all the lowriders. I like to taunt Mustangs and they seem to swarm around me also.

        I will join as I get better hooked up, with the move I am still spinning at times. :-)


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          Welcome Capt. Molecule! I'm in Los Gatos and there are a few other south bay se7eners in the area. Once you get a bit more settled, we can try to plan a group meet/blat.

          Taunting mustangs...mmmm, good. :twisted: :D

          Tom "ELV15" Jones