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Aeroscreen problems.

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  • Aeroscreen problems.


    So I removed my old windshield and started installing the aeroscreen. After messing around for an hour or so, I realised that it didn't fit too well.

    The aeroscreen is mounted using the forward holes on each side that normally secures the windscreen, and by the two center tenex fasteners on top of the scuttle.

    There is however a 3-5 mm gap between scuttle and the bottom of the aeroscreen on each side on the fasteners. The reason for this is that the bottom of the screen starts to curve downward the sides of the car a bit to early, meaning that the screen can't be pushed all the way down over the scuttle.

    The only way to tighten the gap is, as far as I can see, to either glue or rivet the screen at regular intervals over the entire scuttle, thus using the scuttle aluminum's flexing to pull it up toward the aeroscreen. I am not too fond of this idea.

    I'll sleep on it and see if I can come up with something tomorrow.

    /Magnus F.

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    Mine has foam tape on the underside that assists in closing the gap, but I think the fit is somewhat better than yours, based on your description. The tape keeps it from scratching the aluminum obviously and all the little pebbles like to meet there. There's still a little light shining through btw - it ain't perfect.

    Whatt material is the screen? FRP, or Carbon?
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      Are you using the Caterham screen? Have you considered getting one of Richard of France's carbon screens? I think they come in two different heights and would probably fit better. I tried my Caterham FRP screen on the car just now and it seems to fit pretty well-though there is a small gap- but I only put it in place with some towles under it to protect the paint. I might find things different when actually mounting the screen.