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New to San Diego and Se7ens!

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  • New to San Diego and Se7ens!

    Hello everyone. I just moved to San Diego to be by the ocean and to live in one of the most beautiful places in the country. I own an '01 Westfield Megabusa, which will very likely be turboed before any of you get a chance to see it. I've autoxed rather successfully in my '89 Esprit for around 7 years now, and will be down at the Qualcom every chance I get. I plan on getting in some trackdays under my belt before really starting up with NASA, but plan on getting serious with it. Definitely need to fit a full cage w/ side impact bars first.

    I purchased two Birkin BIY's around the end of last year, with the intention of building one as a BEC and selling the other. The plan was to get the first one built to drive around the country in order to decide on a new place to live. Turned out the engine was of questionable origin, so I returned it, and luckily happened across the Megabusa ( on eBay. A month or so later, I realized that there would be no way to finish the Birkin to tour the country this year, so I ended up flying out to Portland and started my adventure. After 4000 miles, mostly headed down the 101 and 1, on Hoosiers no less, I found that not only did I absolutely love the car, but that San Diego was the place for me. I've put another 3000 miles on it since (about 7000 in 4 months!), and have successfully transplanted. Though I'm still in the hunt for an IT PM job.

    I can't say that I am a very experienced mechanic, but I have no fear of it, and prefer to do my own work. I don't ever see myself buying another production vehicle. All the extra crap in the way just makes it harder to work on! Got to be one of the Chapman mantras...

    Here's a link to the build of my car Go to the Past section. I've just started to get together a site of my own at but it's still in progress.

    I look forward to meeting all of you!

    Scott Rushworth
    [email protected]
    Solana Beach, CA
    '89 Lotus Esprit SE
    '01 Westfield Megabusa

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    Hi Scott, welcome to the group! Why didn't you move a little closer to LA :wink:
    But given the choice I admit I would go to San Diego any time. I am pretty sure Brad RollASeven will chime in soon and I know he is at autocrossing quite often. Got to try that sometimes, too......

    See you at the next blat (I hope)



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      Scot, Time for me to chime in on Slomove's cue!! We've already talked and exchanged a few Emails so I can tell the guys that you really have the bit between your teeth to get out on some tracks. The Shelby event next April is too far away for all of us, too. Maybe some other opportunity will appear. The Alfa club seems to be offering a school @ Streets of Willow in FEb (

      At this point there seems to be about 15 seven type cars in SD with more under construction or coming to life in guy's heads. 8)


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        I live in Carmel Valley, 5 minutes to Solana Beach.
        I like to say "Welcome to Paradise". I grew up on east side of Cleveland, Euclid OH, so almost everywhere is better LOL
        Have been in San Diego 25 years.
        I am selling my 78 year old cousin's 2001 SuperlightR
        The price is now $44,900, and does not include $1,000 for new tires, which it will still need.
        I took it to Cars and Coffee in Irvine last Saturday, It's worth the drive, but you need to be there by 6:30 AM, to see all the cars. It's basically over by 8:00 AM
        There is a Cars and Coffee, at the Outlet Mall in Carlsbad. Hwy 5 to Palomar Airport Rd. Head east, left at 1st light, enter at the south end of the center. it's right outside of Starbucks. 7:00 AM- 9:00 AM every Saturday morning.
        If you want to take a drive, or whatever, let me know.


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          It might be worth noting that this thread has not had any activity in almost a decade, and that Scott has not visited this site in over six years. However, in the Events section there is currently a "Assault on Mt. Palomar" thread outlining a blat planned for early June that will start reasonably close to Carmel Valley (after a visit by some to C&C in Irvine), so good timing!
          | | Sean


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            I was excited to hear of another BEC Seven until I saw the date on the post. He bought a well-built car from Palatov ( and I only wish he were still around.

            2001 CMC Locost Frame/2003 Yamaha R1 w/6spd sequential