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Hey Doug - everything okay?

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  • Hey Doug - everything okay?

    Some serious fire activity in your general area. Just checking on you, bud! :)
    | | Sean

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    The fires were not really that close and the wind was always blowing it the other way. This time....

    Photo is from my front yard Monday or Tuesday. Phoschec2.jpg

    The Phos chek drop is upwind of the fire to try and keep it from spreading upwind and laterally.

    We had a plan if all else failed too. If ALL ELSE FAILS2.jpg

    The fire is not yet out. They are doing helicopter water drops on hot spots in Sycamore Canyon which is SW of me.

    Right now most of the brush between my place and the fire is already burnt. We should be OK.

    Thanks for asking.

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      For those of you who know the place, The Rock Store is doing fine.

      They have a generator and are feeding the locals that did not evacuate the area.

      Seven owner Rex Levi is one that stayed behind, he and his house are OK, Seven too. He has no power but other than he is OK. I've been able to get some supplies to him.

      His house is across Mulholland from the Rock Store and close to the Seminole Springs mobile home park where about 1/2 of the homes didn't make it.

      The area is closed to traffic and the roads are not safe, power lines and rocks all over the place.
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        Good to hear. You say the fire wasn't that close, but there appears to be smoke coming from just over the ridge in the first photo!

        I'm 200 miles away from the nearest fire right now, and the air here is still choked thick with smoke. They're talking about the possibility of closing some San Jose schools tomorrow.
        | | Sean


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          Yes there was smoke but 2 to 5 miles away.

          The most important thing was the wind was blowing the smoke and fire away from us toward the beach and Pt. Mugu.

          We hardly had any smoke but only because the wind was 'right'. Driving a few miles East or West was different.


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            Glad you were unaffected Doug!
            Paul. Birkin S3 /Dunnel zetec/emerald ECU