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Dinner in OC?

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  • Dinner in OC?

    How about this one?

    Maybe we could get together a Saturday night and just do dinner? One of the most fun parts with Willow Springs is the get-together afterwards.

    To balance the travel for the LA crowd and the San Diego dwellers, I suggest that we can get together somewhere in Orange County.

    Saturday Dec 11?

    Please respond to this message, and I will find a good restaurant and take care of reservations. Spouses/SOs are more than welcome, although they may be bored to death by the given conversational topic.

    /Magnus F.

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    Magnus, sounds like a good idea. You can always count on me for good food. Since you mention the 11th, is our blat going to happen? So far I have kept my calendar open that day. Maybe the dinner after that? That would make the drive down to OC somewhat more effective.



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      Sorry, the Dec 11 popped out of my mind.

      I've opened a new thread under Events where I have a suggestion for combining lunch, blat and dinner.

      /Magnus F.