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    While exiting last weeks AutoX @ the Q I could not help but notice a dark green 7esque car with Arkansas plates entering the event. My commitment to attend the baptism of my daughter precluded the possibility of delaying my departure and stopping for an introduction. I hate when that happens!

    The gent entered the event and learned just how fast David Laird's 7 really is.

    Word is that he moved here with his Elise abd 7 because one can AutoX year round in SD. May be seeking employment locally.

    The car is believed to be a Westfield with a Megabusa motor of 160HP. This seems to be the same car which I tried to pitch to a few guys some months ago. It was built by a very meticulous engineer in Portland, OR who is friend of John Christensen. It is thought to be a really good car. It can be seen @

    The owner is willling to join us for blats about SoCal. And hopefully track days too!

    One of theseays he'll likely appear on this site and tell us more about himself and his car. 8)

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    I've chatted with Dennis a few times about his MegaBusa. I'm actually entertaining the idea of installing a Busa engine in my car. You can get one for $3500 complete and I would obviously need to change the drivetrain as well.
    It seems to be a good alternative to trying to get my car registered with the Vauxhall I have.

    I'm interested in seeing this car out on the road.


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      Venom7: After my conversation with Scot I think that you will have an excellent chance to see the car @ Streets in April, if not sooner.

      It seems to be tolerating a lot of road miles very well. 8)


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        My car is sitting under a car cover right now. I'm deciding if I'm moving south towards LA or not. I still dont know what to do with the car. It is being very neglected.


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          Venon7, what type of car do you have? BEC's are the way to go. Lots of info at $3500 is definitely the high side for a Busa. I've seen them for $2k.

          Benefits of a BEC:

          Weight: my car weighs 1060lbs wet. That's about 20% lighter than a comparable CEC.

          Cheap power: Although I haven't dynoed yet, Brad's a little low on the HP. The stock Busa engine will put out about 200HP at the crank. With the freer flowing exhaust and air filter, plus some engine management changes (mostly to remove some retardation of 1-3 so that the bike was more driveable), there's a conservative additional 20HP. I would confidently say I've got 185HP at the wheel, but would not be surprised if it was closer to 200HP. There's a huge aftermarket for the big bike engines. And then there's the turbo...

          Sequential tranny built-in: there's no way to manually shift as fast as pulling a paddle or pressing a button. And you get a new one when you replace the engine!

          Man I love this car...


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            Venom7: If you move nearer to LA you can hook up with the guys doing the weekend Maliblats. Or the Orange county/Crest highway excursions. Good guys having good times in their cars!! Also, our occasional track days @ Streets may assuage some of guilt you feel about neglecting the 7. 8)