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    I just received the news from a friend in the UK that Tony Adamowicz has passed away.

    I first met Tony while he was a guest instructor at a driving school hosted by the Alfa Romeo Owners of Southern California (AROSC). Tony enjoyed this involvement with the club as a way to give back to the sport he loved. His enthusiasm was contagious as he told stories about the early days of his career and some of the "stuff" that went on. The list of his racing accomplishments is a long one, and it's worth taking some time to review on his website:

    During that driving school, I invited Tony to attend a meeting of the Riverside Foreign Car Club. He agreed to attend and while there spent several hours entertaining our members with more of the stories and anecdotes from his career. While dinner was served, Tony and I sat together talking more about racing, and he leaned over to say; "you know, the Alfa Romeo Club is hosting an Enduro next month." I made some lame excuse why I wasn't planning to enter, but that seed was planted in my brain. Several days later, I called Tony to ask if he would be interested in co-driving. He agreed, and the stage was set! Doug Liedblad agreed to help, and we had an enduro team.

    The event day arrived and the three of us gathered at Buttonwillow. I drove the first practice session and was pretty sure my lap times would be hard to beat. Tony drove the second practice session and within three laps matched my best ever, and then worked off another four seconds. How much would you pay for a four second lap time improvement? During the event, that lap time gap remained consistent. Despite a couple of hick-ups during the enduro, our team finished second in class and fifth or sixth overall. I was and still am in awe of Tony's skills, he was a true professional and sporting gentleman.

    Tony Pashley, editor of Lowflying, the magazine of the Lotus Seven Club of Great Britain, likened Tony's participation in our local AROSC enduro to the likes of Chris Amon jumping in with someone for a local club event in the UK. Tony a2z Racer Adamowicz's spirit will live in my heart forever. Godspeed Tony.

    Best wishes,
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