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Vanity plate suggestions?

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  • Vanity plate suggestions?

    Well I finally got the title to my Birkin and it is legally registered in California. The DMV trip was painless (except for the tax :x ) as the car was already Ca. legal and smog exempt by its previous owner.

    I might do a personalized license plate, but its tough coming up with a good one that's not taken. I've tried the following on the DMV web site and they are already in use:

    BIRKIN 7
    ITS A 7
    QUICK 7
    1QUICK 7

    Amazingly, 1SLOW 7 is still available!
    Any suggestions? It can have up to 7 characters.

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    Yes, I got that tax surprise when I registered :shock:
    FWIW, in Germany when you buy a car from an individual (not a dealer) there is no f$%#!?& sales tax (I mean "use tax"). On the other hand if you do buy from a dealer the sales tax (i.e. VAT) is 16%!!! Oh well, rules are rules....

    As for the license plate: ask your family! At the end they have to live with it :)


    P.S.: I picked "SLOMOVE" for my license plate because I resented the bragging attitude that is somewhat common for owners of fast cars. It's the driver that makes the car go fast.
    BTW, at the Infineon track day this weekend I passed a couple of nice Porsches and Mustangs but there was a stinking simple old BMW sedan and two Miatas that kicked ass. Much faster than I could hang in.....


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      Hey !! "ITS A 7" is mine :D

      I chose that one because the very first question out of everyone's mouth is "What is it ?".

      I have also recently considered changing it to something like "80HP" just so people understand what they're up against :wink:

      S. \"Hurry, or you\'ll be late!\"
      A. \"Late for what ?\"
      S. \"Late. As in \'The late Dent-Arthur-Dent\' \"


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        When my Westfield’s original owner bought the car, I suggested he get “Faux 7â€‌ which he did! It may not be appropriate for a Caterham, but since you have a Birkin… :P

        When I bought the car from him a few years later and brought it to Washington, I decided against a personalized plate since I didn’t want to make it easier for someone to remember the license number. I’d rather have an indignant citizen I pass tell the police “it was some funny little red car...and it didn’t even have any doors!â€‌ :shock: I did have a custom license plate frame made though: “I’d rather be clipping a late apexâ€‌ :D
        Westfield SEiW
        2.0L Duratec
        Throttle Steer


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          “I’d rather be clipping a late apexâ€‌

          That's pretty close to "I'd rather be sipping a latte"

          I'd rather be doing what you are and will be when the Superlight gets built. Pretty soon now.



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            I thought of BLOODY L but it's taken. Alternatively, BLOODE L and BLUDDY L are available. Also, CATERM 7 is available.
            - Sean