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  • Sevens to Sausalito!

    Geoff and his MY63 were invited to be guest of honors at the Biscotti and Cars meet in Sausalito this past Saturday. I told Geoff I would meet him there and we could go for a drive in the hills after. As it turned out the weather report wasn't looking good with an 80% chance of rain. Woke up 6am to stick my head out the window and it wasn't raining, but looked like it would any moment. I was thinking of bailing out since freeway driving in the rain for 40 miles didn't seem like a whole lot of fun. Geoff was obligated to go. He had to be there early, so upon arrival he messaged me that it wasn't raining and the report said it would hold off until about noon. Being that he was driving a vintage 7 nearly twice the distance I had to go, I felt I couldn't be a pussy, so I went for it.

    No one really turned out for the meet because of the weather and of course it started raining at 9:30 not noon, so we decided to head home and jumped in the cars. Driving the 7 over the Golden Gate Bridge and through downtown San Francisco in the rain was one of the most memorable drives I've had in the Caterham, what a blast. First time I drove the car in real rain and managed to stay slightly damp until I had to get off the freeway in my town, then I got soaked LOL

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    The funny thing is my wife goes " What is that car a Morgan ? " and I said "No that's a Caterham but there is a Morgan driving it " -delise

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      Thanks For coming along, Morgan! The event itself wasn't much, but I did have a few pleasant conversations.

      On the way home, I swung by a BMW 2002 show and swap. I got a chuckle out of these guys:

      The drive home along skyline blvd was wet and slippery, but more pleasant than it would have been taking hwy 280.

      The photo of my car on the golden gate bridge reminds me I need to have a new lower seat fitted!