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    Hi Guy's! Tomorrow I'm flying over to LA again for a 1 week visit to Escondido, just above SanDiego. I have no idea at all if I will be able to free up some time yet (Sat or Sun) but if so I'm open to any sugestions for food, drinks and tire kicking not to far away from there (2H drive or so) :roll:

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    Hi Stijn, you always pick the wrong area! This time you got to be in NORTHERN California for the Sevens Festival! Unfortunately that is about 800 kilometers from Escondido but maybe you can make a little detour?

    I don't know if you have already duties on Friday and when you arrive tomorrow (maybe too late now, anyway.....) But I will take off tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon around 2 pm, tow my Birkin up to Sonoma and return Sunday night. If you want to do something crazy, come along.



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      Thanks for the offer Gert ... but I will have to say no to that one. :( :( A guy fron Florida has flown in to give me a hand with the installation so I can not show up 2 days late ... a shame though, it would have been fun!


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        Stijn, I'm in La Jolla, about 30 minutes away and let's get together while you are here. Others nearby include BradB in Escondido and Joe Kelly who is a service manager at the BMW dealer in Escondido. Call me @858-456-4909B or 858-459-8048H. 8) Brad


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          Very funky i love it. ?