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Driving in the rain.

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  • Driving in the rain.

    Took the car out this afternoon to see how it did in the wet. Having an exposed air filter, I suspect, caused the engine to idle rough and sometimes stall. No leaks in the top. Pretty cozy. Going through deep puddles caused the humidity in the 'cockpit' to rise suddenly. Defroster and wipers were excellent. Visibility was... as poor as expected. Lots of looks. It wasn't dull.

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    Man, you've gotta be flat nuts taking that car out in the wet. Not because of it or you but because of the massive number of amazingly incompetent idiot drivers around here.

    Why, I just got whacked in the M3 (my beloved) on the 210 2-day as a matter of fact by Speeding Idiot SUVerman (they feel sooo powerful and indestructible way up high like that). He turned his giant speeding power-guy-mobile into a giant speeding boat, just long enough to hydroplane left (and a dough-see-dough) smack into the side of my car, followed by 2 360s while crossing 3 lanes of freewa. The judge from Romania gave him a 7.5 (I - or rather my insurance company - will give him a beeeeg bill). Tutti SUVi sono testa di cazzi sez I. Bleah.
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      Too bad the side curtains aren't side curtain airbags. But, then again, in a car so narrow, I'd become a side curtain airbag sandwich.

      Nuts? Oh, that explains why I bicycled from LA to Cabo... solo.

      We're an odd little group.


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        Pah !!

        I have had my Seven for 4 years now and have driven it to and from work every day - rain or shine, night or day, hot or cold.

        I only forgot to take the doors once on a rainy day - I got soaked so badly I didn't do it again :roll:

        However - I have just moved house and now my commute is twice as long and is *ALL* freeway. I have decided that discretion is the better part of valour and have bought a more practical car that has air-bags, side-impact protection bars and a metal roof.

        The good news is that now I can do some serious work on my Seven without the need to have it road-worthy the next day. And I can put some silly tyres on it and, and ..... ooooo the fun I'm going to have :twisted:
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