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Off Topic: Falken Azenis RT615k 245/40-r18

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  • Off Topic: Falken Azenis RT615k 245/40-r18

    Hi all, this is not Caterham related. But since search engines crawl the site, and I'm too lazy to figure out my NASIOC login, I'll post here.

    Falken Azenis RT615k 245/40-r18 tires are frequently backordered. Many websites will let you buy four tires, then not fulfill the order until they finally get their shipment many months later. I've run into this with both the RT615 and the newer RT615k.

    Speaking directly with Falken in Rancho Cucamonga I've learned that for this summer they're not receiving a shipment until late August, and it is usually "a small shipment". Falken has five receiving warehouses: California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, and someplace else. The Illinois location is getting more than the California location. So if your dealer is near there, you've got a better shot., who seems cheapest for me, ships from Utah, and probably receives their order from Falken in California. Which means if I'm too far down the list I don't even get tires in late August. And I made my offer in early May. This has happened a few times to me since a set of four tires with nice even wear pattern (rotate once) only last me ~7k miles.

    So if you like the RT615k as much as I do, you'll want to either order well ahead of time, or check to be certain your vendor actually has the number and size you're ordering or it could be a very long wait. Falken is aware of the issue. Falken says there is no special problem in manufacturing the tire. Seems like they could ship more tires and make more money.

    Sorry this isn't about Caterhams. Though I could ask where the heck besides Avon I get tires to fit my Seven. Little wheels with high aspect ratio seem to be tough to fit.

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    I use the RT615K on the street and they are good value for the money.

    I bought mine when the K version had just started coming out and three were the 615K and one was the 615. My tire man reordered the correct ones.

    This was a couple of years ago when supply wasn't an issue.

    Good tire and they have held up well.

    I used them once on the track and they were OK but my comparison was slicks.


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      I haven't used anything else in so long that my knowledge is out of date. P-Zeros used to be stickier, but would only heat cycle seven times or so before they didn't stick any more. Michelin Pilots are good and quieter on the highway (so great for OEM test drives), but too expensive. There was a Dunlop that was nice, and Yokohama A008s.

      Does anyone who gets less than 10k street miles of even tread wear on a set of four tires have a current recommendation for a sticky tire that is less than $200 on a DOT legal 245/40-r18? I know one of the Kumho Ecsctas is popular, but don't know the correct model. And I've mistakenly bought a cheap Chinese knock off that looked like it had a good tread pattern, but is was slippery on dry roads and skated on damp roads as if was oiled (so bad that I removed the ~1000 mile tires after the second rainy day).


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        A great sticky tire that the Porsche folks are using for track/street is the Hankook Ventus R-S3. Right at $200 each. Lots of good reviews as the favorite choice for a streetable track tire.

        The Continental Extreme Contact DW looks like a good tire in that category as well:
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