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Way OT: iPhone 6 foreign regulatory approvals - check your phone for me, please?

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  • Way OT: iPhone 6 foreign regulatory approvals - check your phone for me, please?

    Got iPhone 6, but it does not have regulatory approval for Japan (a.k.a. the "Giteki" mark, equivalent to FCC approval mark). A friend with an iPhone 4 has this approval mark on his phone. One person at Apple customer service told me Apple products sold in the U.S. will not have this, but obviously she is not 100% correct. But my friend's is a 4, and I need this on a 6. So I'm trying to find somebody who has a U.S.-bought iPhone 6 that has this approval mark so that I will know if any exist.

    To check what regulatory approvals apply to your iPhone (on a iPhone 6, anyway):

    Thanks in advance, if this even gets any replies.

    edit -- It will look similar to this:

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    Mine does not have this. Only Europe and Americas.


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      I texted you (I think) a screen shot of my IPhone 6+ regulatory screen. I have two phone numbers for you and don't know for sure which is the smart phone.-9147 or -6458. Sent to both. Mine is on AT&T in case it matters.

      I don't see the Japanese mark.


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        Not on my wife's 6 or my 5.


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          Thanks all. Somebody at Apple finally gave me what I believe to be a correct answer to my question. Apple makes two models of iPhone, and the AT&T one (model A1549) that I have does not come with the Giteki mark indicating compliance with Japan wireless regulations. The other iPhone model (A1586) does have the mark, but must be unlocked in order to work on the AT&T network I am using now. They said I would need to exchange my current A1549 for a A1586, then have it unlocked if it wasn't already, and I would then have what I wanted. Or change service providers.


          Either model of iPhone will work in Japan, it's just that it would be illegal to use the A1549 model there, and it may be difficult to obtain a SIM card without first showing the mark on the device to the SIM seller.

          Thanks for your help. It seems that lots of people at both Apple and AT&T were unaware of this potential issue just as I was, until recently.

          Japan appears to take this very seriously, as they issue posters warning of this issue such as this one found on the web:

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