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8/12 - Carmel Concours on the Avenue

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  • 8/12 - Carmel Concours on the Avenue

    I'll probably be going to this again this year. Free admission, small crowds, really great cars, and a more laid back atmosphere than most of the events later in the week.
    | | Sean

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    The show today was fantastic. The "small" crowds are getting bigger each year, but still the best show of the week, IMHO. I saw four (4) Paganis driving into the area together as I was driving out. Never seen one before, and there was a whole gaggle of them! Made the Lamborghinis and Ferraris and whatnot driving along with them look downright common!
    | | Sean


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      Some photos:

      Cars in the show that have arrived and are waiting to be directed to their designated spots. I love the diversity of this show!

      Autobianchi micro-car

      Un-restored Aston Martin

      Biggest "compact" parking spot I have ever seen! Not part of the show, but an "ad" for one of the auctions. Could probably fit 4, maybe 5 Sevens in that spot.

      Some everyday German cars - so typical in California

      Some more photos in the Photobucket album these are in, if you care to look. I am crap with a camera, but some great subject matter.
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        Looks like a really good time.

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          Originally posted by escondidoron View Post
          Looks like a really good time.
          Looks great. Carmel is my home town. So I'm diggin' both the cars & the scenery.