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    Hello Super 7 enthusiasts:

    I am new to this exciting culture of cars, and have just started my research in looking for a Super 7. Being that I live in the southern California area, I would like to work with a local dealer. On the other hand I'm more interested in getting quality that in saving money or going with a dealer close to me. Help, what should I do????

    John Vasquez

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    No despair! Help is on the way. Come to the Shelby Club track day 9/25&26 in Willow Springs. There will be a bunch of Sevens of various specs. Mostly Caterham but also one or two Birkin. Check it out and chat with others to identify what you want to have and want to pay.

    AFAIK there is no official Seven dealer in SoCal anymore but a Caterham dealer in Sonoma and a Birkin Dealer in Vacaville, i.e. not too far away. Both should be at the Infineon Sevens festival in Sonoma October 23&24. Surely a good opportunity to look around, check prices etc.

    With the SB100 hassle it may be a good idea to buy a preowned seven with an existing title. Can save a lot of time and grief. If you want to have a look at my car (in Pasadena) you can mail me off list, [email protected]



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      Apart from California Sevens (of which I have no personal experience) there are no authorized dealers in SoCal right now.

      My advice would be to call Caterham USA and ask them for advice. has more info.

      I know of one Duratec equipped, street legal SV that I believe is still for sale in SoCal.

      The SB100 program will go absolutely bezerk in January when the next 500 exempts are released. There seems to be a huge backlog of people wanting to register their kits.

      /Magnus F.


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        John, The last weekend of Sept a bunch of us are joining the Shelby Club @ the Streets of Willow for a track weekend. There are passenger sessions and you could ride in a lot of cars to see how addictive thie 7 is :!: If you would like to take one step closer to joining the automotive lunatic fringe you could rent a 7 from Autocourse. He is no longer a dealer, but several of us bought cars from him. Bring a helmet and lots of sunblock :!: 8) All day saturday or sunday morning. This is going to be the best habit you have ever acquired :!: :D


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          I'm the anonymous poster above. The truth of owning a 7 is that with or without a dealer most of us act as the support group for each other when help is needed. That's one of the really great things about owning a 7: the owners do knock themselves out to help each other. You will see the camaraderie @ the Streets and it IS growing. You will enjoy being a part of it, especially if you really like driving FUN cars at speed. One way or another show up @ the Streets and see for yourself. I would suggest coming on saturday afternoon and plan to stay and have dinner with all of us. It's part of the fun. You may enjoy helping us lie to each other about our driving :!: :roll: