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A few things to add to your Holiday upgradeitis list.........

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  • A few things to add to your Holiday upgradeitis list.........

    On saturday I had lunch with a gent that has a new Caterham CSR in his San Diego garage. Another beautiful 7 soon joining the ranks. However, it is not yet street worthy because the RST V8 has not yet been installed. This work of art was created from two Yamaha 1200cc 5 valve motorcycle engines, mated to a common crankcase @ 90 degrees. Jenvey TBs and dry sump should produce about 400 BHP with 200 foot pounds of torque, revving to more than 10,000 RPMs. And it weighs around 165 pounds complete. The 35 pound SADEV sequential six speed transmission should provide ample gear selections. The sound of this V8 is said to resemble that of the Cosworth DFV F1 motor, if you can live with that.

    Any questions on the foregoing?

    As a guy "Between Caterhams" this package is on my short list!

    This gent presently has to drink beer with brewers for a living. His 7 demonstrates the resultant clear headed thinking involved in his ordering process.

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    So, is your primary wish his car or his job?
    Still in the massive grin stage. Damn bugs


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      Both would be great for me. But, i'm pretty sure he ain't moving over for me.


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        Here is a build thread

        The funny thing is my wife goes " What is that car a Morgan ? " and I said "No that's a Caterham but there is a Morgan driving it " -delise


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          2001 CMC Locost Frame/2003 Yamaha R1 w/6spd sequential