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Passenger falling asleep in the 7?

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  • Passenger falling asleep in the 7?

    Took a "short cut" on the way back from getting a grilled cheese sandwich and ice cream for my son today, and he fell asleep in the passenger seat. How? This amazes me. My car can be a bit loud, we had the aeroscreen on rather than the full windsceen/sidescreens typically in place when he is in the car, and we were on a twisty road (Kennedy Road in Los Gatos, CA). Sleep would seem impossible in these conditions. Yes, he had enjoyed 8-9 hours of undisturbed sleep the previous night.

    Ever had a passenger fall asleep in the 7? Sure, we weren't going fast, but this still seemed odd to me. I have never had a passenger even come close to falling asleep before, at any speed.
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    My wife fell asleep while driving the back-roads of Malibu, and I drove all the way back to yorba linda on the freeway without disturbing her. I did have a windscreen however. While we were stuck in traffic, I answered some questions about the car without waking her; one guy even asked, "Is she ok?"


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      My wife fell asleep in the Elan driving back from Morrow Bay in the rain, car had no top or side windows and was lout too.
      She puked in the 7, so won't go in it anymore :D


      The funny thing is my wife goes " What is that car a Morgan ? " and I said "No that's a Caterham but there is a Morgan driving it " -delise


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        My wife usually does not fall asleep on the short blats. But once a while she does on long distance trips with not much to see. But then, I may fall asleep on such trips when she is driving.
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          What is a passenger?
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            Originally posted by moosetestbestanden View Post
            What is a passenger?
            A passenger is a form of ballast used in street driving. As you may know, some motorsport governing bodies require faster cars to carry additional weight, or ballast, in order to create lap time parity with otherwise slower cars. In street driven sevens, ballast is a self imposed option by the driver to slow the car down and comes in two common forms: active and passive. Passive ballast, as discussed in this thread is consistent with the motorsport form and slows the car down purely through the addition of increased mass. Active ballast -- or an awake passenger -- adds an additional, active form of speed control in the guise of uncontrollable screams. The problem with active ballast is that for some drivers, the audible alarm actually makes them drive more quickly, thus negating the impact of the mass increase. In these cases, there is a third, although far less popular type of ballast available known as smart ballast. Smart ballast adds a second level alert; when the audible alerts don't slow down the driver, projectile vomiting is used to bring the car to a controlled stop. Apparently this is what MoPho installed in his car. Hope this clears things up.

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