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    Hi Chris,
    I didn't realize you'd been knocked-up (oops, I mean in a car-bike accident). How long ago was that? I've had my share of crashes and fractures, but yours sounds uber-serious.

    About a year ago, I was getting some wrist soreness, and my cycling position just didn't seem as effective as it should be. Granted, at 66 my VO2 max, muscle efficiency, anerobic threshold etc. aren't quite what they were thirty years ago, but it was pissing me off to get dropped on some group rides. I figured there were two issues: my own efficiency, and carrying about eight to ten more bike pounds than my "friends". I called Bill Holland with my issues and he suggested getting re-fit to my bike. He also said that if I ever wanted a new bike, he'd credit the bike fit towards that new frame. What a guy! So I took my bike and body down to San Diego one afternoon for the fitting. It was a pretty interesting process and I learned alot. But what it came down to was I had my seat too high and angled too far forward, and my handlebars too low. The seat was an easy fix, but the bar required some parts. A new quill, an angled Ritchey stem and flat-top drop bars and the fix was in. Suddenly my TT time on the Santa Ana River Trail increased by two to three miles per hour! And no more wrist soreness. Now it gives me great pleasure to blow by younger riders on their composite bikes while casually adjusting my downtube shifters. Unfortunately, Bill offered to let me demo one of his new Ti/carbon Exogrid hybrid bikes with Ultegra electric shift. I'm afraid that could be a lethal combination for my trusty SL frame rig. But, maybe worth the risk of a try? What do you think? Take a look at for more high-tech, light weight good stuff.

    As for our Seven, so far I've avoided upgrade-itis. On the track, many others are faster, but we did get a 5th overall at the AROSC enduro one year! On the street, it's way quick enough for ear to ear grinning entertainment! And the look. It's timeless. Probably the best investment I EVER MADE! What else can go 0-60 in 4.5 seconds and get 30mpg?