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  • Update.

    Hello fellow blatters.

    I've been absolutely swamped with work lately, hence my absense from this site. Hopefully, things will calm down during next week.

    While I was slaving away with my bizarre telco projects, the following things arrived at my door:

    ZF 3.38 limited slip diff.
    Caterham 6 speed gearbox.
    Race clutch
    pressure plate
    lightened flywheel.

    Today I got the old diff out. I had to remove both half shafts by disconnecting the hubs from the de-dion tube (after removing the brake calipers).

    To create enough space to get the diff out, I had to move the de-dion tube backward by removing the front A-frame bolts, the lower suspension bolts and the forward link of the watts linkage. By a pure miracle I managed to avoid a diff oil orgy with me playing the lead.

    Tomorrow I'm off to Mc Fadden Dale to get some replacement nylocks and a new set of locktite-covered bolts for the prop shaft. I will also try to chase down the apropriate oil for the ZF clutch pack. When I have all the parts I'll install the new diff.

    Once that is done I'll move on forward and remove engine + gearbox in order to install the new clutch and gearbox.

    I am also chasing down a smaller supercharger pulley to raise my boost to 8-9 PSI. New injectors have already been aquired.

    /Magnus F.

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    Isn't everything closed tomorrow?


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      I got a new gearbox, LSD and clutch/flywheel a few weeks ago but the installation was a piece of cake. I just left for a 3-week vacation and when I came back everything was in place :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      Works very nicely so far but the real test comes on the track.



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        Magnus: The best diff oil according to BC is made by Redline, which is a CA company. A quick post on BC with relevant info (ZF diff) should point you in the right direction. The right oil does make a difference. Can't wait to see the SV @ the Streets in 3 weeks. 8)


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          BC recommends Castrol Hypoy LS or Race Spec Castol B373 for ZF clutch packs, and redline for the gearbox.

          I'll give Caterham USA a call tomorrow and ask them for advice.

          /Magnus F.


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            Magnus ... have you had the diff modified for lower ramp-angles, etc. so that it suits the Seven? Mine, standard Caterham, give me a bit too much understeer when putting power down in a corner.


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              A quick call to Caterham USA sent me off buying Mobile 1 fully synthetic gearbox oil.

              The diff is purchased from Caterham and is supposed to be setup for my car. As usual, I'll know once I've taken a few laps in it.

              /Magnus F.


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                The pace is picking up here in the DoneInTime?-project.

                New diff works like a charm. Have done a few high power runs through tight corners with a very nice result.

                Kumho V710 tires will arrive tuesday according to UPS tracking.

                Engine and old gearbox out.

                Managed to ruin threads of one of the engine mount rubbers.
                Left a frantic message with Caterham. PleasePleasePlease let them have one in stock.

                Cleaned everything up.

                Bell housing separated from engine and old gearbox.

                Spent an hour or so adjusting the new flywheel's tooth pattern to get it closer to the crank sensor pickup. Will do tests later tonight to check their offset.

                Remembered that new bolts are needed when installing the new flywheel. PleasePleasePleaseDearGod Let ford have them in stock.

                Will drop the oil pan in order to locate bottom end of dip stick.

                /Magnus F.


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                  Yes! Cody at Caterham USA will send over the stuff I need to get the car together.

                  Tooth pattern on new flywheel adjusted to get within 0.02-0.04 inch of crank sensor pickup. I will surely kill myself if I have crank sensor problems and must remove the engine again.

                  Emptied old engine oil and replaced filter.

                  Probed the oil pan through the oil drain hole with a magnet for the missing part of my dipstick. No luck. Oh well. Will probably not drop oil pan due to lack of time.

                  Bell housing cleaned and mated to Caterham 6 speed gearbox.

                  Attempted to fit new throwout bearing over gearbox sleeve. Sleeve too big.

                  Removed bell housing and oversized sleeve.

                  Installed sleeve from old gearbox with siliconed gasket.

                  Replaced bell housing.

                  Installed throwout bearing.

                  Tomorrow: Install new flywheel and clutch assembly, mate gearbox and engine. Dump (but do not hook up) engine in car.

                  I think I will be done in time....

                  /Magnus F.


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                    Easy, man!

                    I mean it would be nice to see you with your car on the weekend but don't risk a heart attack over it :shock:



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                      The quest continues.

                      Got new Kumho V710 slicks today.
                      Got the flywheel bolts and some other goodies.
                      Got the new engine mount.

                      Flywheel installed.

                      Clutch assembly installed.

                      Mated gearbox and engine.

                      Moved speedo drive from old gearbox to new.

                      Engine in car.

                      Tested the new clutch by turning the wheels while slowly releasing the clutch in first gear. It engaged OK. I thought that the new pressure plate would be heavier than it was. This one feels exactly like the old one.

                      Did some shimming with the engine mounts to center the drivetrain in the tunnel.

                      Realised that I'd forgotten the Redline MTL gearbox oil in the car my wife had. Oh well.

                      Filled up the engine with oil.

                      All this took eight hours since I was totally anal (=paranoid) about getting everything right. I do NOT want to take the engine out again.

                      Quite exhausted.

                      /Magnus F.