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New Sevens book by Ortenburger

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  • New Sevens book by Ortenburger

    LOTUS SEVEN & THE INDEPENDENTS. I heard about this new book on Blatchat and bought a copy. Great book. It covers all or most of the Seven clones and similiar cars built all over the world since the Seven's inception. Arranged by country of manufacture and has a description, photos and history of each make. Lotus and Caterham are covered but the book is primarily about all the other makes of Seven type vehicles. Lots of photos, mostly in color. So, if you want to know about the Czech Kaipan 47 or the Irish TMC Costin or the Texas made Ultralite, you will find it here. Even legal challanges between Caterham and some of the other companies. Yes, Birkin is here as well as Rotus, Donkervoort, Westfield, Locust and Locost and a whole bunch more. Recommended. 208 pages, $59.95.
    I got mine at the store at Sears Point.