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Seven on Old Topanga 8/28/04

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  • Seven on Old Topanga 8/28/04

    Just wondering if the off-white Seven I saw on Old Topanga Cyn today is on the forums here. If so, let me tell you that your car looked great! I was in the green/ali Seven going the other direction. Second time I've seen another Seven on that road (in 11 years).

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    Perhaps one of the Maliblatters owns or can identify the car? Ronbo, will ya join us @ the Streets of Willow next month? for an application. This will be an opportunity to see and have fun with quite a few 7s. There is a thread on the Events segment of this site. Hope to meet you there :!: 8)


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      Thanks for the invite! Depends on how crazy things are at work and the wife's event planning...


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        I know a guy here in SD that has an off white clamshell 7, but it's on the shelf and not street legal (he has until the end of Sep to get his 2002 SPCNS # finished---no more extensions). I'm curious as to who owns the car you have seen. Anyone got an idea??


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          Off white Seven at Woodley Park

          There was a fellow with an off white Westfield parked next to me at Woodley Park on Sunday.
          Didn't get his name though....

          Dave Ganzer
          [email protected]
          [email protected]
          805-527-6089 h


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            DaveG: You are another 7 owner that we'd like to see @ the Streets of Willow at the end of September. It's about the most fun you can have in your car and it's fun to hang out with the other 7 owners too. Please join us!


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              Could have been a Westfield; I only caught a quick glimpse.