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Seven Areodynamics --- & Bugatti Veyron

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  • Seven Areodynamics --- & Bugatti Veyron

    We all know the Seven has a crummy areodynamic CD. Horrible in fact. The year before last I cut my Birkin's windscreen down to about 6 inches of height. The car seemed faster, just like how it seemed to get faster after I had gotten rid of the giant headlamps. But "seemed" is not very scientific. Later, when I removed the windscreen altogether, it again seemed to get a boost in acceleration. Rolling acceleration from 40mph up to maybe 100 seemed much more rapid. My removing the front cycle fenders absolutly did eliminate my front end lift.

    Now about the Veyron. I was watching a video featuring the bugatti's "air-brake" It's the special action of the car's rear spoiler. When the car brakes the spoiler pivots to a vertical position to create drag. Alledgedly this setup has the same slowing effect as the entire braking system of a common econobox car.

    Of couse that may be at 200 mph. But here's the real kicker: That "air brake" is a dead clone of a Seven windscreen in shape & size!

    So we are driving around with our brakes on.

    & now I have no doubt that the increase in performance I feel, from ditching that thing, is real.