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Slomove in Zolder, Belgium

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  • Slomove in Zolder, Belgium

    Keep your fingers crossed for him guy's. Next Thursday afternoon I'm supposed to take him out on my local track in the Seven but so far the weather predictions are not perfect. High 80's but with possible showers and thunderstorms, if it rains it could be real fun on my near to slick tires ... :twisted: :twisted:

    I'll post some links with pictures afterwards!

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    Oops, almost forgot I promised you guy's to post some links. Yesterday was really good. Slomove showed up at my place around 11H30, I just finished making the car a bit presentable and was changing back from my 032R's to my 048R's.
    Since 2 weeks ago, when I returned from a 9day event together with 45 other Caterhams (2350miles trip in France with 3 trackdays at LeMans, Ledenon and Dijon) I hadn't done any real checks on the car so it was still low on oil, almost without any breakpads left at the back and with about 10million bugs spread out on the nosecone.

    After a quick chat and a detour for some petrol we drove to the track, about 15min away from were I live. Although there were loads of spectators and trucks from raceteams around the amount of cars on the track itself was a bit disappointing. A lightly smelly helmet was borrowed from the track officials and the fun could begin.

    Fun it was although with Slomove in the car I was not getting the maximum out of the car. Normally having a passenger does not make that much difference but with temperatures of low-mid 90's and a tarmac temperature of way way higher things just are not to what I'm used to. The engine was struggling for air and was on the verge of overheating. The not perfect balance normally allows you to slide the car a bit more thus keeping the tires at the right temperature but yesterday it brought them far beyond what you really want ... result : With Slomove in the car I was doing laps about 4 seconds slower then without him. I still have to go through my laps on the data logger but guess that it was mainly my exit speed out of the corners that was suffering .... :cry: :cry:

    Anyhow, in total I enjoyed it totally and I hope Slomove did too. With a bit of luck it will be cooler next time he visits Europe ... who knows, I might take him out to the Nurnburg ring or SPA.

    Slomove, thanks for giving me an excuse to go to the track:!: :!:


    Some pictures of the cars that day

    More of them from other events (Donderdag training = Thursday training)

    Link to the Belgian Autosport website with a list of some of those present:

    And a quick translation from the text in the link above :lol:

    Box 35. Tables are decorated with flowers and candles, a sound system is being installed, catering vans show up with food and drinks. Those invited know, Bas Leinders and the Formula 1 are in the country. Almost one hour Minardi's 3rd pilot answers questions. It's a shame that we do not see a Minardi on the track or Bas in his race outfit.

    But there still was loads of hardcore racing today. Already just after lunch we could see, in it's original colours, the ex Le Mans fluorescent yellow Dodge Viper. This Luigi Racing Viper was together with it's twin brother "fluorescent orange" the first viper at a 24H Le Mans race. The one present in Zolder became actually 13th in 1994. The Dodge is now owned by the Dutch Michiel Campagne and will be used at historic endurance races. Ronald Zoomers (Ford Mustang) will be second pilot during these races. Quite a bit younger, slightly less monumental but still gorgeous and quick is the first MPM Motorsport build BMW M3 V8

    Belcar and Touring Cup, the Porsche 996 Biturbo from Accent Racing and AD Sport, John Van den Branden / Pascal Nelissen-Grade (Porsche GT3 Cup), Chris Mattheus/Bert Redant (Audi TT), Ronald Vetters (Porsche 993), Peter Degroote/Stefan De Cooman (VW Golf), Paul Braeckmans/Patrick Smeets (BMW 320), Dexters/Dexters (Toyota Supra), Jef and Bart Van Samang (Marcos), Marc Van Rompay/Bert Jacobs (Honda Civic), Edwin Beyers (Golf).

    Clio's, Dumarey/Jacobs/Leybaert/Coekelbergs/Heydens (Racing For Belgium), Jonckheere (ERG), Van Roey (1ste motorsport) and Wim Heroes (MG Racing Company. For a change we could see Kelly Jamers behind the steering wheel of a Clio (Philip Jacobs). Will there be a Clio-race with Kelly during the Belcar Masters?

    Formula cars: Eddy Roosens (FRenault 1600), Alexandre De Bock (FRenault 1600) and Andreas Ziggel.

    On top of that we had: Peter H. Brecht (Ferrari), Postert design & Wheels (Chevrolet Corvette), De Sordi/Deblauwe (Porsche), Weis/Otto (Porsche), Bert Longin (Siemens Porsche), Inzinger (Porsche), Obluda (Fiesta), Hart (Golf I), Stijn Luyck (Super 7), Chrysler Viper (road version), Porsche GT2 (road version) and a handfull of neighbours from the East and North ( mainly Porsches). The most important were mentioned and if the air-conditioned race car was not invented yet then it must have been today ...

    C U Next week,


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      Thanks Stijn!!!

      That was a fun trip! Only an hour from my hometown such a nice track.

      Sorry to have been such a second-eating ballast but consider it training for handling the car under unusual conditions :)

      Looks like I made a real beginner mistake and got somewhat dried out. Coming from California and not drinking enough :roll: But anyway, after 30 minutes track time I was ready to get out, red head and sweating like crazy. On the other side, that gave me opportunity to take a few pics and low-res video of Stijn's car. I will post on my web site when I am back mid August.

      I would like to try this track with my car, just a little far away :( :(

      Thanks again Stijn and when you come to SoCal again let me know!