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    Hello all,
    My name is Dave Ganzer and I'm a Lotus-aholic....

    I've built a Seven Using the Champion book as inspiration. I ended up making my own drawings referencing the drawing in Dennis Orteberger's book, the Weale book, and a Series 2 shop manual, as I wanted it to more closely emulate a Lotus/Caterham style chassis.

    The driveline consists of a 1600cc Xflow with a Kent Cam and 40DCOE's backed by a type 9 5speed on a Pinto bellhousing. The diff is from a '70 Cortina located with 4 trailing arms and a panhard rod.

    Front Suspesion is based on Spitfire uprights and and a shortened Spitfire steering rack.

    I finshed the car in July 2000. I then struggled through getting the the car smogged using a 1965 1500cc pre-crossflow (that I still have in my garage, on a stand, with 70 miles since overhaul...).

    After attending the 2002 West Coast Lotus Meet and finding out that I'd be able to get SB100 status, after all, I camped on the DMV's doorstep on Jan 2, 2003 and got sequence# 19. I took the car to the Referee at Pierce College and now have the cherished SB100 status.

    I've run a couple Practice events at Hollywood Park and also ran the Porsche Club Slalom at Camarillo last year. Never had the car on a proper track though.

    Oh...and I just finished up a '67 Lotus Elan "for the wife..."

    Are any of you guys going to the Woodley Park meet on the 29th? Kati, my wife, and I plan to take both our cars. Maybe see you there.

    Dave Ganzer
    Dave Ganzer
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    805-527-6089 h