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Plasitic dip your car?

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  • Plasitic dip your car?


    This looks easier than your paint job.

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    That procedure is on my radar since I wasn't really happy with my paint job.

    I may give it a shot.

    /Magnus F.


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      I found it on Blatchat.


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        That looks like an interesting alternative for a rock-chip barrier.


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          Looks like a great solution for things that chip easily, like A-arms. I don't think I would do my whole car in it though because I suspect it is hard to keep clean.
          Tom "ELV15" Jones


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            The Plasti-Dip does not have much surface adhesion and peels off easily from smooth surfaces. I suspect when you have impacted parts without some primer under it water may seep in once the Plasti-Dip skin is perforated.

            When I made new wing stays recently I used rattle can truck bed coating for protection. I sand blasted the metal before application. It really sticks and is quite impact and abrasion resistant as it should be for its original purpose. When it sprays on, the solvent bubbles out and it dries in very short time. It does however create a texture similar to a bumpy powder coat so this definitely can not be used for outer surfaces. But for chassis tubes and suspension pieces it works very well.