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  • New guy on the block

    Went to an AutoX practice on saturday @ the Q.

    Looked over and saw Perry's green Birkin, so I went looking for him to say hello. Turned out the car wasn't Perry's or even a Birkin.

    To my shock and amazement it was a Caterham CSR260, and a very nice one at that! The owner, Tom, is local and has had it for about 5 years and lives in Poway. Hate how these cars slip into the neighborhood under the radar; guess that's what Lowflyin" is all about.

    He wanted to practice and learn to drive the car better so had David L ride along. Eventually Dave took a turn behind the wheel. Loved the immense Cosworth Duratec power; but found the car almost undriveable because when he hit the gas whilst exiting corners the car just plowed straight ahead in terminal understeer into the cones.

    Reminds me of my car before I bought AVO adjustable shocks and different springs to match. Now the car is very neutral unless I enter a corner too hot and provoke understeer.

    Gotta wonder why the factory takes such a great car as the CSR and specs it with such inadequate shocks/springs. Trying to keep the lawsiuits down by sending 'em off the road frontwards?

    On a car of that price the owner should be informed of some choices, or at least give him adjustable shocks to have the opportunity to tune the suspension to taste/style.

    I will be posting on blatchat for possible fix suggestions.

    Hopefully Tom will join us on this site and on the road for some fun.
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    There was a dark green CSR that occasionally parked in the lot of the building across the street from our old office in RB. I met the owner once right after he bought it but was never able to speak with him at any length. I wonder if it is the same car/owner?

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      Tom said that he lives in Poway. Has to be the same car. A very nice example. I let him know about this site so, hopefully, he will join us one day.


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        Our shop is in Poway and we just saw a green Caterham going down Pomerado. I bet it was him.

        We are going to build a CSR too. And we will be taking it to the Q. Official importer of the Zenos E10 Your USA dealer for Levante Cars, Origin Cars, Minotaur Racing, Sadev Gearboxes, RST V8 Engines, and more... How fast do you want to go?


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          After Mr. Laird's description of the understeer characteristics I posted on Blatchat as to what can be done about the handling under: Techtalk, then CSR Handling.

          A couple of responses were very helpful; especially a gent in NY that has one and included an PDF about how to set it up and adjust it properly. Also included contact info if needed.

          Hopefully, Tom will log onto this site and notice that help is online.

          One of the great things about these cars is that the owners end up being the default dealer network. They are almost always willing to help and to provide useful tips and information. Often getting their hands dirty on the other guys car.

          Randy, When can we look for your version of a "Green Monster"?
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            shamelessly stolen from the USA Sevens site.

            Courtesy of CROC.
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              Brilliant bit of thievery.


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                So a group of us (Lotus/Caterham owners) going on a drive to the local mountain.... we were all meeting up at Rancho Bernardo and Pomerado. What comes to the light at our corner? The same green CSR. Which then flips a u-turn and drives away. We would love the car to join us on our runs.

                We had a good drive this Sunday. Key roads were Highland Valley, Mesa Grande, Old Julian, and Wynola. Breakfast in Julian followed by a refreshing stop at Julian Hard Cider for Cherry Bomb and their new Black and Blue Cider.

       Official importer of the Zenos E10
       Your USA dealer for Levante Cars, Origin Cars, Minotaur Racing, Sadev Gearboxes, RST V8 Engines, and more... How fast do you want to go?