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Hey Stan, it's mostly electric

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  • Hey Stan, it's mostly electric

    A friend had it for a photo shoot so I got to drive it a bit.

    It drove OK but weighs more than my pickup and is slower. It will stay on battery if you drive less than 30 or 40 miles and don't go to sport mode.

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    Yes, the Karma looks nice but I think the Volt is better for the price. I just recently got a Leaf that I charge with the excess electricity that my solar panels produce - saves me about $2000 a year in gas.

    On a Sevens related note, I'm still thinking of using my 92 Miata as a donor for a Westfield kit, maybe in a year or two.


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      One of those burned up in a garage recently, here

      It may be a packaging issue.

      Evidently, they've issued another recall.

      Definitely not on my list.
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        I'd seriously consider the Tesla S if my budget for a car was that much.. I have solar panels that would contribute to car as well.


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          I drove a friends Karma a couple of weeks back. Very impressive drive for a 5500# car. Also was impressed with the fit & finish. However, they are definitely Beta testing om the owners. An occasional reflash is necessary every month or two to implement electronic improvements on the fly.