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Audi bought Ducati today....

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  • Audi bought Ducati today....

    Seems like Caterham would have been a better buyer.

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    This is good news. Audi will do for Ducati what they have done for Lamborghini.

    A friend of my is a stock trader & analyst in the Big Apple. He's sends me Ducati's financial reports from time to time. They are growing like a weed, and were even during the downturn. The reasons are the usual: win on Sunday, sell on Monday, and product. Their product quality (beautiful design has always been there) has advanced significantly over the past 5 years. They've very clearly benefited from the manufacturing advances that have occurred over the last 10 years or so.

    I fucking LOVE my Multistrada 1200S. It's a great motorcycle, in every way.
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      Audi is assembling an impressive premium performance portfolio. Might as well add Aprilia now.


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        Originally posted by Roll a 7 View Post
        Might as well add Aprilia now.
        ...or invade Poland.
        | | Sean


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          The 73rd anniversary of the last try is coming up later this year. I had a friend, until last year, who had the privilege of facing the mighty panzers on a horse as a newly minted Polish cavalry officer. Very lucky to survive, especially after being shot more than eight times.