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    For Saab

    Maybe some Norveegians can buy some of the equipment and make front wheel drive 7 speed automatic Lutefisk generators

    Uff Da!:D
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    Fucking GM.

    The Chinese were standing in the doorway, wallet in hand, but GM was all "Oh No! They are stealing our technology!" and shut down all deals.

    What I wonder now is, after the bankruptcy, if the licensed tech goes back to GM or if it is a part of the assets to be auctioned off. If it is the latter, the Chinese will be definitely have their day at the end anyway.

    Need to reed up on Swedish bankruptcy laws.

    /Magnus F.


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      The Chinese are known for "appropriating" other companies' intellectual property, then kicking the foreigners to the curb (without compensation). Also, the "old" GM (Motors Holding) that held the toxic assets of GM ceased to exist last week. GM's Saab technology will remain with GM, and they have said they will step in and honor warranties on cars sold under their watch, which is more than the "new" Saab has offered (they cut off warranty support, even for recalls, today). GM was simply protecting the most valuable commodity they own, their proprietary ideas.
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