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Took a great drive today in the Birkin

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  • Took a great drive today in the Birkin

    I started a new job recently and hadn't had a chance to take the Birkin out for nearly four weeks.
    Today I headed out to Ojai and up the 33 to the Lockwood Valley Road turning that goes east, back to the 5 freeway. I was having too much fun so I hit the gas and carried on to Maricopa and then back to the Cerra Noroeste Road and to Pine Mountain that heads back to Frazier Park. Loved that road! There was snow by the roadside up in the high ground so I was a little careful on the tight corners with all the ice warnings. What a blast! The car behaved very well.
    268 miles!

    Paul. Birkin S3 /Dunnel zetec/emerald ECU

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    Today was the one day I was glad I wasn't in the Birkin. Some loony in rush hour traffic hit me and I think, totaled my landrover. Almost pushed my car through a donut shop window! Very different driving day to yesterday!
    Paul. Birkin S3 /Dunnel zetec/emerald ECU


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      Congratulations on yesterday's epic drive.

      Sorry about today's accident.

      /Magnus F.


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        Sounds like a brilliant drive. I love those roads.

        Bummer about the Land Rover. I hope you're OK.

        I think that this pic was taken at just about the same spot as yours:

        You may recognize the guy on the ladder with his back to the camera.

        '62 Lotus Seven
        '84 Turbo Esprit (x2)
        '14 Evora
        '77 Esprit S1 (RIP) :(

        "A man must keep a little back shop where he can be himself without reserve. In solitude alone can he know true freedom." -Michel De Montaigne 1588


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          Wow, I think both pictures ARE exactly the same spot!
          I'm ok. Took most of the day for all the adrenaline and shakey-ness to wear off though.
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          Paul. Birkin S3 /Dunnel zetec/emerald ECU


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            Ron, ended up going back to that spot a year or so later with some heavier artillery

            Dying to drive the Seven up there, just never have the time any more :(

            Sorry to hear about the accident John, glad your ok

            The funny thing is my wife goes " What is that car a Morgan ? " and I said "No that's a Caterham but there is a Morgan driving it " -delise


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              Man, it cracks me up that I pulled over just once in a 260 mile drive to take a picture, in the most random, remote, obscure spot and it turns out to be the car photo booth for all of southern California!

              Thanks to all for concern about my accident. Very appreciated. Could have been much worse.

              Paul. Birkin S3 /Dunnel zetec/emerald ECU


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                Well, better the twisties in the Birkin and the collision in the Land Rover than the other way around. Also fortunate that the collision occurred where there were police nearby. ;)
                | | Sean


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                  I need to take that loop from Bakersfield, thru Taft up to Frazier Park and back down the 5.

                  Will probably have to wait until spring as Btown gets stuck in the fog around now and snow starts sticking in Frazier Park...