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World's most expensive car

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  • World's most expensive car

    A couple of saturdays ago my girlfriend and I went to the Peter Mullin Art Deco Car museum in Oxnard. Really great place, only open 4 days a month. Essentially an amazing private collection that occasionally opens to the public

    Here's some photos.

    You have to book in advance but well worth it.
    They had the world's most expensive car on loan, a Bugatti 57SC Atlantic. It apparently sold around nine months ago for around $35 million to an anonymous bidder. Yes, you read it correctly...$35 million dollars!

    We were going to drive to the museum in the Birkin but see my other thread regarding that.....
    Paul. Birkin S3 /Dunnel zetec/emerald ECU

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    It's open this Saturday, anyone up for an EVENT?


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      Here's the video interview that got m interested
      Paul. Birkin S3 /Dunnel zetec/emerald ECU