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  • Damaged?

    My wife put up the outline for our daughter to play with, but I felt something was missing...

    Do I need help?

    /Magnus F.
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    I suggest a race school for the proper line.


    • #3
      Yes. You have the apex wrong in the 1st corner. :D
      A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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        A little out of the way, but keep that in mind.


        • #5
          I know I am a n00b at this, but I believe that the line selection is not totally wrong since I can treat turn one as a long, high speed, sweeper ending with a hard break.

          The late apex of turn 2 allows me to accelerate early once I turned around. May not work for a heavier car, but should be doable in a Caterham.


          • #6
            Maybe Chris was driving in the other direction?


            • #7
              Oh yes, you are right. Actually I was driving in my mind from left to right, too.:rolleyes:


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                Don't like the line through the tight corner regardless of which direction you are travelling. Could be okay if you plan to use the handbrake, but this technique is not recommended at speed. Open up the corner. Carve a wider arc. Go faster. (Or just use the handbrake and wave to the crowd).


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                  going right to left I would be getting to the inside apex on the larger radius. Cuts out a whole lot of distance and I don't think speed would drop as much as the proposed line.

                  'Course, that's the autoX line.
                  2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green


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                    But I believe Magnus' orginal question was not directed so much at his choice of line as to whether his obsession with driving line might be inappropriate for his new daughter. I say, yes, it is highly inappropriate. At that age you should have her on a Honda XR50 and fill her head with dreams of becoming America's first female SuperMoto champion. Just be sure your medical insurance is fully paid up first.