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Not your usual day in Jury Duty...

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  • Not your usual day in Jury Duty...

    So I'm stuck in Jury Duty today, bored as all hell as is always the case, when I hear an interesting guy, a dentist with his own practice in fact, talking about his 'Old Yeller II' classic and famous Buick Special racing car. One of many points of interest is that it's been driven by Carroll Shelby himself back in 1960.
    Anyway I thought he'd appreciate a look at the Seven, so I pulled out my laptop and using the last few percent of battery power showed off Fred.
    He, of course, immediately recognized the style of car and asked if it was indeed a Lotus 7. I said it was a modern Caterham Super 7, and gave him the quick and dirty details. The guy sitting ahead of me then said jokingly "I hate you" and that a Seven, or an Atom, would be two of the cars he'd really like to drive someday. He rebuilds cars, with old Datsun Z cars being his specialty. Old, like 240's and 260's. Nice!
    As usual, I don't remember any of their names, and we all probably didn't really introduce ourselves to each other either, but I did point him toward this website and mentioned that if he ever wanted to check out the cars up close and possibly climb in one, to lurk here and chime in when we have a meet happening, say a day at SCS and mulholland/rock store run as per the usual itinerary.
    The Buick Special can be seen and read about at The picks right there on the front page with the helmeted driver is, if I heard correctly, the owner himself.
    And to top it all off: I didn't get picked for a panel, so I didn't get on a Jury, which means Hooray I'm done!! :D

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    Ol' Yeller was present at one of our (the gang here) earliest track days at The Streets. It was very cool to see and hear it (it roared like a lion:D).

    Willow was christened in 1953 or something like that. Just about as old as Ol' Yeller!
    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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      I watched the mechanic that had to be 70+ take the transmission out in the pits and put in a new clutch.

      Engine is a Buick Nail Head V8.

      I've got some video of him on the track if I knew how to post it.









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        The owner is Ernie Nagamatsu, DDS and actively campaigns Old Yeller ll in vintage and historic events worldwide.


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          So Rob, you been sequestered in Jury duty on some big case for the past 6 months or what? You disappeared....


          The funny thing is my wife goes " What is that car a Morgan ? " and I said "No that's a Caterham but there is a Morgan driving it " -delise


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            Nah, just been busy and lurking. When's the next group SCS run? I'll be there!