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  • Not just Deer

    A few years back I almost ran over a small deer on Little Tujunga with the Seven. This weekend I was out on Lower Big Tujunga with the motorcycle and there was a bighorn ram standing a few feet from the road, less than a mile from the developed area. At first I thought somebody had put up a plastic statue but then it actually moved and grazed, so I guess it was real.

    Anyway, I did not know they are around in the local mountains and supposedly are pretty rare and timid anyway. Well, maybe it was a deaf ram.

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    They are out there but I've never seen one myself.


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      Which developed area? Was it before or beyond the 1st bridge?

      Maybe the damage done by the fire brought it so far down to forage. It's pretty lunar up there these days. Sigh.
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        Oh no, much closer, somewhere here standing between the road and the river bed:

        There is even a newer development further up the road.