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My Next Caterham

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  • My Next Caterham


    I'm all in MM... let's go endurance racing:D
    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted

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    Engine Supercharged Ford Duratec 2.0L
    Max Power 305PS @ 7500rpm
    Push-to-Pass Power 335PS @ 7800rpm
    Max Torque 290Nm @ 7500rpm
    0-60mph (claimed) 2.8s
    Top Speed 290kph
    Wheelbase 2600mm
    Overall Length 4200mm
    Overall Width 1700mm
    Height 1015mm
    Downforce 450kg @ 250kph
    Weight 545kg

    I wonder what the cost will be....

    /Magnus F.


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      Originally posted by magnusfeuer View Post
      I wonder what the cost will be....
      According to the press release it's 60k GBP + taxes. Full press release and FAQ are located at the start of this thread on BC. One of the more interesting bits of info from the FAQ:

      Where else in the Caterham range will the engine be used?
      The supercharged Ford Duratec unit is one that we had been developing via Caterham Powertrain anyway; it is a natural progression from our existing engines and would be perfect for use in future versions of the Seven.
      R600 anyone? :)

      Westfield SEiW
      2.0L Duratec
      Throttle Steer


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        Originally posted by magnusfeuer View Post

        /Magnus F.
        Me too. There seems to be a lot of ambivalence about the thing around the Caterham crowd, both here and there. Most are into street driving I guess, thus worrying about getting tickets or getting hit by boneheads etc. Or long tours, a notion as antithetical to the design idea of the 7 as there can be imo. Y'all know I prefer the track. Go as fast as you can (on slicks! YEAH! :D) much much more safely, relatively speaking.

        For sure if I had the dough I'd be waaayyy into doing a downforce racecar, like that downforce racecar. MM has done it, and Stokes too. He (Jon) is cracking off laps fully 10 - 12 seconds / lap faster in his Norma than he did in his very fast Caterham. High speed corners & braking w/ all that downforce must be frickin Awesome. I wanna.

        I find it very pleasing to the eye too, very pleasing. Count me in CC, if you would. And I could.

        Edit: I wonder if it would fit on my trailer :D
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        A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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          Well boys, you will need your teflon undies cinched up tight before putting that car on the edge. Awesome.

          Personally, I don't see the point of it. You could not seriously entertain the car as a street vehicle. Unless of course you like slipping into a spandex space suit for a quick trip to the 7-Eleven.

          As a track car, where is the competition? There's not much fun to be had tooling around in a one-of-a-kind race car. It gets kind of boring, then kind of lonely. Just ask the early buyers of Formula 1000, Formula Renault, and sundry sports racers in this country.

          And finally, I'm not sure what Caterham brings to the table for purpose-built race cars. Is it the drivetrain? Presumably Lola will sort the chassis, as Caterham's pedigree is a 50 year old aerodynamic train-wreck (but I love it).

          Call me grumpy but, again, I don't see the point. I hate iPhones too so based on my opinion the car's success is assured.


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            More boring than circulating round at the back of a FF field? :D

            I'm Kidding, Esq. I haven't been able to have a decent bit of banter w/ you for a good long time now. I guess I'll have to head that way sometime, or come out to the track & help Doug help you.

            I reckon it'd be ok for TTs. There's enough Radicals & Normas around to make it interesting, or at least semi-interesting. And NASA has some pretty, um, interesting formulas that make for pretty wildly varied fields. Like Caterhams vs. Mazda for example. Ahem.

            Personally I'm never bored when I'm on the track. Trying to find time is always interesting to me, regardless of who I may be up against. Normally that's myself, which makes for pretty cheesy competition. I'm still trying to figure out how I can always lose to myself, like I'm on one of those MC Escher staircases or something. :D

            As for what CC brings to the party, well, I agree. So they can find an company that puts blowers on Duratecs and then they plops them into the back of a Lola. I figure they're brand-building w/ their soon-to-be league they/re creating Over There.

            This is all moot of course. They have no plans to offer cars over here, although I suspect someone w/ enough dosh could convince them.

            All that said, it's a nice looking car, and would be fun to drive I suspect.


            PS: The Venerable and Right High Honorable Crusty The Magnificent is running now, and the project is very nearly done. WooHoo!
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            A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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              Next F2000 weekend is May 21/22 at Buttonwillow.


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                Well I'd imagine it would compete on track with Radicals

                Personally I would rather have this

                BAC Mono


                The funny thing is my wife goes " What is that car a Morgan ? " and I said "No that's a Caterham but there is a Morgan driving it " -delise


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                  I guess it's part of your job... but Mopho, you know the coolest cars (and have actually driven some of them)!